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Privacy Policy

To visit Posver website, you must first become a member of Posver in order to use its features. During the process of registration, you may need to provide some personal information in order to maximize the usage of our website effectively. With the information provided by you, only will Posver be able to provide these services such as:

  1. Registration

    Posver will collect your basic information such as username, date of birth, gender, email address, mailing address, and country of origin. Your username will be chosen by default to display inpublic to allow other members to view it.

  2. Optional Information

    You have the option to decide whether or not to put a profile picture on your Posver account. If yes, you may do so provided your profile picture is appropriate (eg. Non-pornographic, suggestive, offensive, obscene etc.) s

  3. Profile page

    You can edit/update your personal information in order to keep updated. Your basic information such as name and gender will be shown to public but your email address and mailing address will be hidden from the public for your own protection.

  4. Image upload

    All images uploaded by you are able to be removed by you for the purpose of image sales.All photographs/pictures that you uploaded on Posver are made public to all for the purpose of sharing and sales to others. Therefore, in the case of if you do not wish your pictures to be made public and to be viewed by others, please do not upload them. Once you have uploaded your pictures on Posver, it is an automated grant of permission and rights to share your pictures to the public for the purpose of sharing which also means others can view your pictures.

  5. Cookies

    A cookie is a small data file that is sent from a web server to your browser and stored on your computer. Websites normally use cookies in order to give you the best user experience.Posver uses cookies to help Posver identify and track visitors, their usage of Posver website, and their website access preferences. Posver visitors who do not wish to have cookies placed on their computers should set their browsers to refuse cookies before using Posver websites, with the drawback that certain features of Posver websites may not function properly without the aid of cookies. s

Posver will not disclose/ sell your personal information to anyone. Your Posver account is protected and kept safe by Posver. At the same time, you are required to safe keep your account as well. The employees of Posver are granted the authority to access your personal information and account information for specific task(s)requirement if/ when necessary; other than that,Posver employees will not be allowed to access it.

The Posver Privacy might be revised or changed from time to time in order to maximize the effectiveness of the website. A notification will be generated to keep you informed, should there be any change within Posver. This is to alert and to ensure that you do not miss out on any crucial information from us, and that you are agreeable to be bound by the revised Privacy guideline(s).

Term of Service
The following terms and conditions are applicable to all users within the Posver website and all its contents, services and linked pages. The website is solely owned and operated by Posver Sdn. Bhd. It is operated under the following terms & conditions.

Please read and understand the terms & conditions carefully before accessing our site services. When you are accessing Posver and any services provided by it or just viewing any content within Posver, it means that you agreed to our terms & conditions as well as our Privacy Policy. If you disagree with any part of the terms & conditions; you may leave and cease all access to our site.

Posver website allows its members to post/share photographs or design images, leave/share comment, opinion & ideas. Posver website also allows members to purchase and sell images (only applicable to Posver postcard). The Website is available only to individuals who are at least 13 years old.

In the event of website upgrade, maintainance, repair or any other reasons, your access/use of our website may be interrupted. We have the rights to suspend or discontinue the use of our site, its services, add or remove any content at anytime without prior notice.
For your pleasant experience at Posver, you will first be required to register as a member in order to enjoy our features.

Posver Account Registration
To create a Posver account, you will be required to select a username, a password, and to provide registration information. The registration information that you provide must be current and accurate at the point of registration as long as you are a member of Posver. You may not use other person’s username, name or trademark that is subjected to any rights of another person or entity of another than your own without prior authorization that is not lawfully/ permissible for use. Posver prohibits the use of name that is offensive, vulgar or obscene. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and for all activities resulting from the use of your password and conductwithin your Posver account.

Purchase and Sell
Posver member can sell an image for 8 credits and member can get 75%revenue (6 credits) for each image successfully sold to another member, the remaning 25%(2 credits) will be awarded to Posver. The calculation for revenue is equivelent to $0.25 USD per credit. Your revenue comes only from the sales of image(s). To withdraw your revenues, you must have a PayPal account. The minimum amount to withdraw is USD$50. Member can purchase credits via PayPal. Every credit that you have purchased are not refundable.

All photography/image(s) for purchase and sales are for Posver postcard only. The image(s) can only be displayed on postcard(featured on Posver). The image(s) may not be used in any other way whatsoever in which you charge for money, collect fees or receive any form of remuneration. The image(s) are not allowed to be used for advertising puporses of any kind. The image(s) may not be resold, relicensed or sub-licensed. You are solely responsible for all image(s) featured on your account, and Posver will not be responsible for all image(s) from your Posver account. Payment will be processed via PayPal as indicated in your Posver account. At any point in time, if we find your content deemed to be inappropriate, your account will be suspended indefinitely or removed from Posver permanently. Decisions are solely at Posver's discretion.

Postcard Service
To send your postcard to another Posver member or to any recipient of your choice, a payment of 6 credits ($1.50 USD) is required. You must provide accurate info on recipient such as name & address, except the recipient is a Posver member with a complete profile. In the case of a recipient (who’s also a Posver member) with incomplete profile, we will send request notification to him/her, prompting him/ her to complete his/ her profile. Posver postcard takes approximately 45 days upon full payment is being made to Posver from the sender.

Poscard delivery
All postcards will be delivered to the designated location within the timeframe of 1-2 months. Posver is connected around the world, you can send your postcard to any country of your choice. The mailing address must be provided by you, which includes sending a postcard to a non- Posver member. If the address provided by you is inaccurate and resulted in failed delivery, Posver will not be responsible over the failed delivery. If you intend to send a postcard to a Posver member, you might not need to provide a mailing address of recipent as the mailing address of the recipent (a Posver member) has already been stored in Posver’s database. Posver will act accordingly with the mailing address provided to send the postcard to the designatied recipient. If the mailing address provided by the Posver members is incorrect, Posver will not be held responsible. Should you have any qualms, please do not hesitate to drop us an email for further clarification. info@posver.com

Prohibited content for Posver postcard:
User Conduct
You are fully resposible for all content post that occur under your account, Posver will not be responsible for all content that you post. Posver does not control content submitted by user and, as such, does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of such content. You understand and agree to abide by these terms and conditions by using the Site (Posver) that you may be exposed to content that is offensive, indecent or objectionable. Your account must not be in a misleading or unlawful manner, including in a mannerintended to trade using the name or reputation of others, and Posver may remove any description or keyword that is considered inappropriate or unlawful. Posver will not be responsible for any acts or omissions made by you, including any damage of any kind incurred as a result of such acts or omissions. Therefore you cannot post content or/and prohibited to use the Services that are: You are solely responsible for your interaction with other users within the Site. Posver reserves the rights, but has no obligation, to monitor dispute between you and other users.

Content Submitted
Posver is not responsible for all contents submitted by you such as the copyright Content issues which do not belong to you. Posver is not an online storage for your personal images, it is to allow members to post/share/purchase/sell photographs or images, leave/share comment, opinion & ideas. All images uploaded by you will be resized automatically and will be made suitable for postcard usage. If your image(s)is available for sale, Posver will then reserves the rights to an automatic permission from you to allow Posver to download, print and deliver. All images uploaded by you will be kept safe by Posver. Posver will not sell your image(s) without prior permission from you. Posver is not liable in the event of error(s) within the site such as lost of image(s) uploaded by you, Posver advise that you will always backup your image(s) uploaded on Posver. Posver is not responsible for postcard that failed to reach the designated recipient(s),as delivery is solely based on the address provided by the sender/ user. Posver advise that you must make sure the recipient’s address that you provided is accurate and correct.

Posver has the rights to terminate your account with reason (such as illegal usage) or without any reason at any time. Once your Posver account is terminated, all your images, your credits and rewards will be removedentirely.

Posver reserves all rights to change/ modify the termsof service for using Posver at anytime. The terms of service will be reviewed from time-to-time without prior notification/ reasons.